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AutoRunner V3.9 Automatic Test Tool

4 reasons why you should choose it : ¡ñpowerful functions¡ñsimple operation¡ñstart earliest¡ñowns most customers according to official statictisc, the downloads break through 10000 times(not including the third party download site )

AutoRunner is a black-box testing tool, which could be used to finish function test and regression test, to improve the test efficiency and to reduce test cost in labor cost.

Automatic test is the direction of today¡¯s development in test. It can help software development team realize:
¡ñsave testing time
Automatic test, through executing testing script, realizes test automation. Execution speed of very single script multiplies up to 10 times faster than which of manual executive, which will save us a lot of time in test and means we do not have to work overtime to meet the deadline.
¡ñ24hours executing
Through 24hours-executing mode, it realizes night-executive mode and night automatic executive to attain the goal of daily-constructing-test and instantly find out bugs turned out every day. To item managers, they can access item quality data and master the item progress situation.
¡ñreduce cost
Automatic test do not need testers to execute test case, so it can save an enormous amount of executing cost. To testers, they do not have to work overtime to release new versions. To the whole product development group, a few testers can finish high-quality product, which will save plenty of cost.

AutoRunner can commit GUI Function Tests to following type objects:
1.windows type objects, commonly are desktop software developed through technologies such as C++/Delphi/VB/VFP/PB/.NetForm
2.IE web objects, common websites like large portal sites
3.Java objects normally are desktop software developed through technologies such as AWT/Swing/SWT
4.Flex objects, with webpage contents developed by Flex
5.Silverlight objects, with webpage contents developed by Silverlight
6.WPF objects, usually are desktop software developed through WPF technology
7.QT objects, usually are desktop software developed through QT technology

System Requirements: windows(32bits/64bits) 2000/xp/vista/2003/7/2008

¡ñapply keyword remind, keyword highlight technology and keyword drive
IDE provides keyword remind and keyword highlight, which will pop up automatic reminder to prevent programming fault.
keyword drive provides keyword view and helps users who do not understand programming language to realize test script through dragging and deploying.

¡ñsimple and powerful script language
Using Java as the script language makes script simpler. With lots of extension packets, java can enable users to extend functions themselves.
As a standard and popular development technology, java owns large amounts of advocators and developers.
It is easy to learn java and find test engineers who understand java which will decrease the labor cost. Java supports function call, class, script calling script, which simply realize the programming of various complex scripts.

¡ñsupport richest technical framework
It supports technical frameworks like IE¡¢win32, java swing, java swt, siverlight, WPF, delphi, activeX, flex, QT and so on and applies to tests carried on under varied technical frameworks.
It can acquire optimal test script through recording and decrease modification work.

¡ñpowerful object-library management
Support visualized object base, inquiry of attributions of objects and editing, replication, pasting, rerecording and comparing of objects.
Support weight arrangement of objects through which can realize fuzzy identification

¡ñcomprehensive functions, efficient executive and reliable operation
AutoRunner has realized most comprehensive functions, including: synchronization points, all kinds of checkpoint, parameterization, recordings, script executive, testing diary, object comparison, video recording and so on, which can satisfy customers¡¯ needs for various comprehensive applications.
AutoRunner starts and executes quickly, which avoids a great deal of time waiting to start applications. It also supports to execute testing script without the start of IDE.

Version£º3.9.26 Update date£º2012-11-28
1.creating item newly add functions of limit record program and unlimit record program, and the former function must lay down(.exe), program parameter and working path.
2.newly add function: script record pause
3.newly add visual log function, including file opening, file saving, webpage saving and video playing buttons. The first three buttons all operate on log file (.log).
4.newly add object check, including functions like checking object information and object comparison.
5.newly add editing configuration file interface, including repeated selection of writing log file while script replay, stop as soon as the script operation goes wrong, cutting screen when script operation fails, and record replay motion.
6.newly add starting operation from appointed script function
7.the interface has made some optimization.

Version£º3.8.22 Update date£º2012-8-10
1.add support for manual object adding of static text controlbr> 2.speed up the operation of key-press functions in simulate keyboard such as inputKey and pressString

Version£º3.8.21 Update date£º2012-2-16
1.add keyword view function

Version£º3.7.20 Update date£º2012-1-5
1.add English help file
2.add instructions of MouseMove, MouseDown and MouseUp
3.add display of line number when operation fails

Version£º3.7.19 Update date£º2011-12-12
1.add object view function

Version£º3.7.18 Update date£º2011-12-5
1.strenghen the object java comprehensively
2.add support for Table
3.add support for objects like List and Tree with Checkbox
4.add mark on screen when recording
5.make small optimization for Silverlight and WPF

Version£º3.7.15 Update date£º2011-9-21
1.add support for IE9

Version£º3.7.14 Update date£º2011-9-15
1.add support for Object QT
2.revise a small bug in wizard of excel calibration

Version£º3.6.13 Update date£º2011-9-7
1.add support of descriptive programming for IE webpage
2.add user selection for window-grade intelligent judgment

Version£º3.6.12 Update date£º2011-08-26
1.add support for WPF
2.revise a small bug in database calibration like SQL and Server

Version£º3.5.11 Update date£º2011-08-19
1.integrate an important Microsoft patch into the installation package
2.for controls expressed by long names like MFC and Windows Forms, use representation method
3.rewrite the help file

Version£º3.5.10 Update date£º2011-07-20
1.add identification for Object Silverlight

Version£º3.4.9 Update date£º2011-06-27
1.add Keyword Reminder
2.add Code Completion
3.add Excel Verification
4.add Regular Expression Verification
5.add Automatic Log of executing script results
6.apply Intelligent Judgment for executing IE webpage controls

Version£º3.3.8 Update date£º2011-06-03
1.add Network License Module

Version£º3.2.7 Update date£º2011-05-19
1.add Database Verification
2.add Message Box Verification
3.add Regular Expression Verification
4.add Automatic Log of executing script results
5.use Intelligent Judgment for window size and title change
6.apply inserted waiting for pages to download when executing IE object script

Version£º3.1.6 Update date£º2011-05-11
1.add support for Object Flex
2.add Intelligent Judgment for window change when script operation
3.add global hotkey to stop script operation
4.revise little multiple-frame bugs in one IE
5.revise some other little bugs
Product name£ºAutoRunner(enterprise version)
Software Size:63.7 MB
Software Language:Simplified Chinese /Traditional Chinese/English
Software Version:3.9
Release time:2012/11/28
Name:AutoRunner(Cloud test versionn)
Size:50.2 MB
Language£ºSimplified Chinese /Traditional Chinese/English
Release time:2012/2/20
  • SPASVO won the bid for software test Laboratory Project of Shanghai Institute of Electric Power.2013/1/6
  • In December 2012,Sichuan Jiuyuan Yinghai Inc. purchased performance test tools of SPASVO.2012/12/25
  • SPASVO Phase III of software test tool training in 2012(Shenzhen) passed off successfully.2012/12/11
  • SPASVO Phase II of software test tool training in 2012(Beijing) passed off successfully.2012/10/29
  • SPASVO got the opportunity to sign the¡±Shenzhen mobile test management platform customization service project¡±.2012/10/18
  • SPASVO successfully signed with Shenfei Industry Group.2012/10/18
  • SPASVO automatic test engine software won the 2012 annual Shanghai outstanding software product.2012/10/8
  • Company headquarters office address relocation notice.2012/9/29
  • Again, SPASVO signed Testing services framework with Zhejiang Rural Credit.2012/9/14
  • Acceptance work of Zhejiang Rural Credit system construction, test platform establishment and core test project accomplished successfully.2012/9/13
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