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PreciseProject Management(PPM for short)--project management software

PPM is a powerful project management software, which can realize different kinds of project management, including development project management and construction project management. PPM has realized the plan, budget, cost, tempo, reporting hours, resources, risk, milestone, templet and forewarning management of projects. And it can also realize multiply-project portfolio management.

PPM can carry on :
¡ñproject and project plan management
Support various conditions of projects: create, plan, implement, control and close, which guarantees every phase management of project management.
Support Gantt Chart project plan, which makes examination more intuitive.
Support direct creation and edit of project plan
Support introduction of mpp-format project plan
¡ñbudget and cost management
Support budget decomposition of department and project and realize budget management, including: budget creation, budget adjustment and approval, budget decomposition and unallocated budget management
Support automatic calculation of resource cost and other cost management
¡ñresource management
Support manual resource, non-manual resource, material management and cicle management
¡ñtempo and reporting hours managemen
Support project tempo management, through reporting hours£¬it can track the tempo of the project. Reporting hours generate tracking Gantt Chart and changes the condition of task such as delay the unstarted, extend the unfinished and so on. It is benefit for project manager to track the task under improper conditions.
¡ñrisk, critical value and forewarn, problem management
Support risk budget calculation of project and realize project risk managment
Allow project to set critical value, monitor the condition of project, forewarn risk and conduct track management on problems out of projects
¡ñproject portfolio management
Support organization structure of project group and realize project portfolio management including budget combination, cost combination, milestone combination, resources combination and so on
¡ñproject range and deliverables management
Support range management of project and identification of completion rate of project range
Support Deliverables Management, allow to deliver project deliverables to every task and realize task hand-in deliverables management¡£

System requirements:windows(32bits/64bits) 2000/xp/vista/2003/7/2008
Architecture:adopt B/S architecture, cross- browser support

¡ñpowerful project tempo management
PPM supports to identify project condition through tracking Gantt chart¡£Tracking Gantt chart supports resource reporting hours or OBS reporting hours to realize tracking.
Tasks in the project includes tempo condition (normal, delay the unstarted and so on), which makes it possible to check the abnormal task directly.
¡ñautomatic risk management
PPM supports to set critical value that cross projects. When the tracked item parameter exceeds the critical value, event will automatically be created and then the notice will be sent to the project manager, and finally the automatic tracking of project risk is finished.
¡ñproject portfolio management
PPM has realized powerful project portfolio management. And it allows creating enterprise project organization, and managing a project group on which implement management and resource delivery.
¡ñPOM support
PPM supports advanced project management office, and, through setting responsibility structure of projects, turn projects managed by individual into projects managed by groups, which lightens the burden of project manager and strengthen the project management.

Version£º3.3 update£º2013-07-04

1provide better Gantt Chart editing experience. Get closer to operation habits of ms-project. Support automatic task update and task degradation and realize task-wbs integration and more shortcuts.

2use two level tab-page desktop to replace the original complicated menu, which makes use and operation simper.

3reconduct the desktop to make the layout of it concise, removing rarely used functions and information

4improve the reporting hours, support percentage reporting hours(usually aim at organizations with no need of calculating the cost like banks or institutes of scientific research) and hours reporting; Make the reporting hours interface concise; Support to submit working achievements when reporting hours.

5improve the report and turn complicated resource usage report into simple bar graph occupying working hours, which is concise and easy to check and understand.

Name:PreciseProject Management(PMM for short)
Size:149 MB
Language:Simplified Chinese
Release time:2013/07/04
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