Terminal AutoRunner

Terminal AutoRunner

Developed by SPASVO, Terminal AutoRunner with proprietary intellectual property rights, is a regression test tool facing terminal system with proprietary intellectual property rights. It applies to standard application system like VT100 and VT220. It supports command line mode and window mode (use the application program of Cursors Writing). It supports to automatically record script, to edit WYSIWYG resources and scripts. And it supports stable automatic synchronization. TAR is the best banking business test tool in China right now. It supports automatic record aiming terminal application, continuous recording and separate window recording. Window components include: fields, forms, dialog boxes, windows and so on.
Its script language adopts standard java script—bean shell.
For completed record resources, TAR can verify WYSIWYG, including redefining components, verifying component properties and deleting components.
For terminal devices (such as terminal, password keyboard, magnetic card reader, voucher printer and so on), TAR provides virtual device plug-in support. When testing application systems, tested systems can still use devices without verifying the code.
TAR can be singly connected to test management tool as well as being used as a plug-in of test tool, so it can be widely applied in terminal test.

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  • SPASVO won the bid for software test Laboratory Project of Shanghai Institute of Electric Power.2013/1/6
  • In December 2012,Sichuan Jiuyuan Yinghai Inc. purchased performance test tools of SPASVO.2012/12/25
  • SPASVO Phase III of software test tool training in 2012(Shenzhen) passed off successfully.2012/12/11
  • SPASVO Phase II of software test tool training in 2012(Beijing) passed off successfully.2012/10/29
  • SPASVO got the opportunity to sign the¡±Shenzhen mobile test management platform customization service project¡±.2012/10/18
  • SPASVO successfully signed with Shenfei Industry Group.2012/10/18
  • SPASVO automatic test engine software won the 2012 annual Shanghai outstanding software product.2012/10/8
  • Company headquarters office address relocation notice.2012/9/29
  • Again, SPASVO signed Testing services framework with Zhejiang Rural Credit.2012/9/14
  • Acceptance work of Zhejiang Rural Credit system construction, test platform establishment and core test project accomplished successfully.2012/9/13
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