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TestCenter V5.0 Test Management Tool

reasons why you should choose it : ¡ñcomprehensive functions¡ñstunning FLEX interface¡ñOWNS most customers according to official statictisc,the downloads break through 10000 times(not including the third party download site )

TestCenter is a testing management tool facing test processing and test case library. It will help you to and manage processing of test requirements, test case design, and realization of business component design and so on.

Testing management platform is the basis of conducting test processing and test case library:
¡ñ standard construct of test case library
Support:1.manual test case and automatic test case 2.tree structure of test case 3.varied conditions of test case such as execution successful, unexecuted and execution failed 4.test case to associate bugs 5.test to associate requirements 6.test case management in execution
Realizing the standardization of test case means that every tester becomes capable of understanding and using standardized test case thus decreasing the dependence of test case on individuals.
¡ñ test processing management
Manage processes like: 1 testing requirement construction 2 testing requirement appraisal 3 testing plan 4 testing execution 5 bug management
¡ñ bug management
Provide best bug management module.Support: 1bug processing management (users can define the bug processing on their own)2self-defined default report and default report analysis
¡ñ automatic testing frame
Support: 1storage of automatic testing script 2 different kinds of automatic testing tools 3 configurative automatic test case 4 automatic testing frame 5data management in test execution 6automatic test log.Automatic testing frame can immeasurably simplify the automatic testing process and case.
¡ñ testing requirement management
Support: 1omni-directional management of test requirement 2indrduction of testing requirement of Word or Excel format3requirement itemization4testing requirement appraisal5 correlations of test requirement and case

System requirements: windows(3bits/64bits) 2000/xp/vista/2003/7/2008
Architecture : adopt B/S architecture, cross- browser support

TestCenter covers the whole process of test as well as all characters during the process, which ensures the team working in the test.

¡ñoverall testing requirements management
Support: 1testing requirement itemization 2real-time view of coverage rate data of testing requirements 3 tracking management of requirements 4testing requirements appraisal
¡ñthe best bug management
TestCenter provides bug management processing which support self-defining. It can realize support to varied bug management process through self-defining complex bug management process and defect state.
The most convenient defect treatment interface supports automatic skip of defect treatment, defect combination and test case and requirement of defect treatment.
¡ñB/S Architecture based on Flex, easier cross- browser deployment
Because of the B/S architecture, deployment becomes easier. What you need to do to is just installing the server.
And with fast operating speed and high performance, the Flex Architecture, which supports friendlier man-machine interface, will provide you the best user experience.
¡ñthe most comprehensive test analysis
Support: data drilling-down analysis of test analysis, analysis of test data from multiple latitudes, interactive analysis and checking of test data.

Version£º5.3.0.4 Update date£º2012-1-12
Global Function
1add the the function of internationalization
2the project provides single backup function and reply function
3convenient interface operation (provide continuous adding Function)
4 mechanism connected to automatic tools has changed and it will not be controlled by system authority of itself.
Front-end Project operation
1testing plan
a newly add testing-versioned statistical report and correlated defects retrieval
b testing plan statistical report, testing plan self-defined attributes, testing plan correlated defects
2 test requirement
A newly add requirement-introduction configuration (excel)
B newly add Word Document introduction and edit (word with catalogue index)
c newly add demand node transfer (the position of demand node is adjustable)
3test case
a. test-introduction configuration (excel)
4test suit
a. manual task-launching, correlated case execution state information and test suit correlation
5case execution
Support continuous execution, you can choose needed execution case through the last or the next.
Case distribution shows the relationship between case and executor
Support step-description display
Submit bug acquiescent correlation to runs
6bug management
View-> newly add bug submission acquiescently binding to runs
View-> bug-filter
View->bug-listing-filter upgrading modification
View->bug- detail-treatment modification
statistical report->bugs all unblocked, daily newly add, daily block, statistical report modification upgrading.
7 system configuration
item management-> team management, newly add item
item management->basic information modification, newly add item self-defines attributions, item attribution copy
newly add history search deleting function
newly add item-module attribution- customization function
newly add item-bug attribution- customization function
newly add bug-processing customization function
background management
1 item management upgrading modification
2transfer module associated with item to the front end

Version£º5.1.0.27 Update date£º2011-11-22
Testing plan
1 joint demand supports , realizes connection with several demand
2 testing plan-turns-add Cycle test report menu
3 testing plan-turns-add Cycle process report menu
Test requirement
1add(accessory) function: support to add accessories to demand thus realizing illustration to demand
2add requirement correlation case function
1 inquire bugs through bug ID
2bug statistics can generate different reports according to inquiry results
Test report
1increase turns of report operation, test suite name, version information
2add requirement detail information statistics
3add bug information illusion when case execution goes wrong
1.when case execution result is fault, support to submit bugs directly
My task¡ªappraisal task
1.add requirement and case batch appraisal function

Name:TestCenter(standard version)
Language:Simplified Chinese Software
Release time:2012/1/12
  • SPASVO won the bid for software test Laboratory Project of Shanghai Institute of Electric Power.2013/1/6
  • In December 2012,Sichuan Jiuyuan Yinghai Inc. purchased performance test tools of SPASVO.2012/12/25
  • SPASVO Phase III of software test tool training in 2012(Shenzhen) passed off successfully.2012/12/11
  • SPASVO Phase II of software test tool training in 2012(Beijing) passed off successfully.2012/10/29
  • SPASVO got the opportunity to sign the¡±Shenzhen mobile test management platform customization service project¡±.2012/10/18
  • SPASVO successfully signed with Shenfei Industry Group.2012/10/18
  • SPASVO automatic test engine software won the 2012 annual Shanghai outstanding software product.2012/10/8
  • Company headquarters office address relocation notice.2012/9/29
  • Again, SPASVO signed Testing services framework with Zhejiang Rural Credit.2012/9/14
  • Acceptance work of Zhejiang Rural Credit system construction, test platform establishment and core test project accomplished successfully.2012/9/13
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